NBC News Talks to Steven Slater, America’s New Favorite Flight Attendant

By Alex Weprin 

NBC News correspondent Jeff Rossen caught up with Steven Slater, the JetBlue flight attendant currently captivating the nation after his high profile deplaning on Monday.

Just after noon Rossen tweeted that he had an “exclusive” interview with Slater, who has been avoiding the spotlight since being released from jail last night.

The interview was not your typical sit-down with soft lighting and cushy chairs: Rossen apparently found Slater in a parking garage, with the interview lasting perhaps 20 seconds. Or as Rossen explained: “we caught up with him moments ago as he got into his boyfriend’s car to drive to his next secret location.”


Update: Video of the interview after the jump.

So what did Slater say? That he was “a little overwhelmed,” by the attention, and when asked if he had any regrets he gave a look that Rossen “interpreted” as being that he has none.

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You have a problem with that? You know where the emergency slide is.

Update: It appears that NBC News “exclusive” was not quite so. The first “exclusive” interview with Slater was last night after he was released from jail. WABC’s Jim Dolan caught up with him as he was leaving the facility.

The third “exclusive” video interview comes this afternoon from the New York Times, which found Slater in an elevator.

Exclusives for everybody!