NBC News Signs CNN Congressional Correspondent Ryan Nobles as Capitol Hill Correspondent

By A.J. Katz 

Longtime CNN congressional correspondent Ryan Nobles has joined NBC News as the network’s newest Capitol Hill Correspondent.

NBC News Washington bureau chief Ken Strickland told staff Monday morning via memo.

“Many of our Washington colleagues know Ryan well — he’s been a staple at CNN, where he worked for eight years both on and off the Hill covering some of the biggest political stories of the decade,” Strickland wrote. “His work as a Congressional Correspondent in the wake of January 6th speaks for itself — week after week, he has repeatedly broken news on the House Select Committee’s investigation and the surrounding fallout. He showcased similar diligence on the campaign trail last cycle covering Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump.”


Nobles joins the NBC News Capitol Hill reporting team of Garrett Haake, Ali Vitali, Allie Raffa, and myriad digital reporters, producers, and researchers.

Prior to his eight-year stint covering congress for CNN (Oct. 2014-2022), Nobles spent seven years as an anchor at WWBT-TV, the NBC station in Richmond, Va.