NBC News Breaks New Doc Ground

By Chris Ariens 

NBC News’ first feature length documentary “In the Shadow of Justice” is new territory for the network. The special edition of Dateline, airing Sunday night at 7ET/CT, advances what NBC calls “Dateline’s groundbreaking 2005 investigative report on the 1990 murder of Palladium nightclub bouncer, Markus Peterson.”

An NBC News spokesperson tells TVNewser ‘Shadow’ “is and immersive film, that lets viewers inside a case that made headlines as it happened.” It’s a story Dateline producer Dan Slepian has been following since 2002.

“‘In the Shadow of Justice’ is different in that there is no reporter, it’s told by characters themselves and there is a different cinematic pacing,” says the NBC spokesperson. As most long-form programs do, ‘Shadow’ will most likely reair on MSNBC, but NBC says “we don’t have a date for this one at this time.”