NBC Fired Staffer Who Leaked Video of Infamous Lawrence O’Donnell Rant

By A.J. Katz 

The hammering is finally over, as is the tenure of a certain NBC News employee.

The network has fired the staffer who leaked the infamous Lawrence O’Donnell tape, which shows him swearing at his producers because of “insanity in my earpiece.”

Page Six is reporting that the anonymous male leaker was actually an editor on the Today show. He reportedly compiled and leaked the eight-minute, 22-second video to Mediaite on September 20th, showing O’Donnell going bonkers during the Aug. 29 broadcast of The Last Word. The staffer was fired on September 26th, six days after the leak.


O’Donnell tweeted out an apology for his actions a few hours after the video went viral.

An MSNBC spokesperson declined to comment.

In case you missed it, watch: