National Headliner Award Winners

By Brian 

The National Headliner Awards are out. NBC won 8, CNN won 6, ABC won 4, CBS won 3, and MSNBC won 1. All the winners are listed after the jump…

Best Newscast: NBC Nightly News, staff, “Tsunami: One Day After”; NBC Nightly News, staff, “Death of a President”; CNN, Aaron Brown, Sharan Van Zwieten and Chris Adair, “NewsNight With Aaron Brown: Lady Liberty.”

Coverage of a Major News Event: Dateline NBC, David Corvo, Marc Rosenwasser & Stone Phillips, “Remembering Ronald Reagan”; MSNBC, “Battleground America: Winning the White House”; CNN, “Anderson Cooper 360: Wave of Destruction.”

Continuing Coverage of a Major News Event: Independent Television News, of London, Lindsay Hilsum and Tim Lambon, “Target: Fallujah,” aired by The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer; CNBC, Scott Cohn, Mary Thompson and Patti Domm, “Insurance Scandal”; NBC Nightly News, Jim Maceda, Dawna Friesen and Yuka Tachibana, “Russian School Siege.”

Feature, Sports or Human Interest Story: ABC News Primetime Thursday, Jay Schadler, Clem Taylor and Gina Pampinella, “My Friend Rocket”; CNN, Tom Foreman, Stephanie Halasz, Laura Bernardini, Brian Puchaty and Joshua Rubin, “G.I. St. Nick”; NBC “Today” Show, Stephanie Giambruno, Melissa Stark and Kevin Maninno, “Against the Odds Series.”

Documentary or Series of Reports: CNN, Aaron Brown, Beth Nissen and Amanda Townsend, “NewsNight with Aaron Brown: War Dead Series”; Dateline NBC, Marc Rosenwasser, Keith Morrison and Vince Sturla, “Secrets and Lies”; CNN, Kathy Slobogin and David Ensor, “Warsaw Rising: The Forgotten Soldiers of World War II.”

Investigative Reporting: Dateline NBC, Richard Greenberg and Chris Hansen, “Children for Sale”; ABC News Primetime, Diane Sawyer, Robbie Gordon and Ira Rosen, “Fighting for Care”; ABC News 20/20, Brian Ross and Jill Rackmill, “The Royal Treatment.”

News Magazine Program: Dateline NBC, Marc Rosenwasser, Elizabeth Cole and Benita Alexander-Noel, “Tom Brokaw: Eyewitness to History”; CNN, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Carol Kinstle and Caleb Hellerman, “The First Patient: Health and the Presidency?”; ABC News Productions, Lisa Zeff, Caroline Sommers and Peri Muldofsky, “Court TV Safety Challenge: Children at Risk.”

Business and Consumer Reporting: CNBC, Sue Herera, Steve Liesman and Wally Griffith, “CNBC on Russia”; CNBC, Jim Goldman and Candice Tahi, “Nanotech Series”; Public Affairs Television NOW, of New York, with Bill Moyers, Brenda Breslauer, Sylvia Chase and Candice Waldron, “New Medicare, Old Story.”