Nate Burleson Returns to CBS Mornings After Travel Delay Absence

By Mark Mwachiro 

CBS Mornings co-anchor Nate Burleson and his family were among those impacted by travel delays and flight cancellations due to severe weather and staffing issues affecting major airports across the country this week.

Burleson had been missing from CBS Mornings for the better part of the week and reemerged on Thursday morning. He and his family were returning from dropping off his eldest son, who was heading off to college, at the University of Nevada when they encountered the travel chaos.

CBS Mornings’ Gayle King welcomed Burleson back, noting it took him three days to get back to his home. She asked him, upon his return to the morning show, when he started to feel irritated by the travel inconveniences, to which he replied, “Right around day two. I didn’t know how I was getting back,” adding that his family also became restless as a result of the travel fiasco.


Burleson then thanked his on-air colleagues, including Tony Dokoupil, and CBS Mornings viewers for their patience during his unscheduled absence.

CBS News notes that there have been more than 35,000 flight delays and 7,000 cancellations since Saturday as a result of weather and staffing issues.

Watch the clip of Burleson’s return to CBS Mornings below.