Natalie Morales wonders what it would have been like, had she stayed in banking

By Chris Ariens 

“Today” show national correspondent Natalie Morales went back in time Monday, to her first job out of college — high finance.

Morales along with CNBC anchor Bill Griffeth participated in the third annual BGC Partners charity day. BGC is a spin-off of Cantor Fitzgerald, the company that lost 658 employees on September 11, 2001. BGC will donate all of Monday’s revenue to various charities — including Hoboken, New Jersey’s Jubilee Center which Morales and Griffeth support.

According to Hoboken Patch contributor Andrew Tavani, Morales spent two years working in a management training program at Chemical Bank, where her specialty was securities lending. “To me, it’s always interesting to see what might have been had I stayed in banking,” she said.


Morales showered the Jubilee Center and BGC with praise and added that the day offered the children from the Jubilee Center more than just charitable donations and fun photo ops with celebrities. “I think today is an opportunity for them to really kind of learn and appreciate all of the great work these people have put into this effort,” said Morales. “It’s a great lesson for these kids to see, that no matter where their paths in life take them, it’s always important to give back.”

“Today” show national correspondent Natalie Morales looks on as Eohnna Gilyard, 8, left and Faith Stephans, 8, help BGC brokers Nick Bellino, left, and Carlos Blanco close a trade.

(Photo: Andrew Tavani)