Natalie Morales: Marriage Ref Gig ‘a Continuation of What I Do Anyway’

By Alissa Krinsky 

NBC’s Natalie Morales, who accepted a controversial role on the peacock network’s The Marriage Ref, talks with TV Guide‘s Robyn Ross about it:

• “How did you get involved with The Marriage Ref?”

Morales: “They came to me because they were looking for someone who has a name, a following, and deals with news, information and facts because that was the role they were looking for. I fit the bill and…the role sort of evolved from there.”


• “Were you nervous about how the show would affect your reputation as a journalist?”

Morales: “Of course. When you sign yourself up for a recurring role … you always weigh how it’s going to be perceived. We vetted it with NBC News, and my bosses [said] ‘Go for it; it sounds like fun.’ It’s a continuation of what I do anyway, it’s just a different format…”