Natalee Holloway Case “Like A Long-Running Soap Opera,” O’Reilly Says; “They’re Almost Scripting It At This Point”

By Brian 

Last night on Fox News: The Holloway family has created a mystery, Bill O’Reilly said. “And what it is now is that there are people who tune in every day to see if there’s any progress on the mystery, which helps the Twitty family a lot”

More: “It’s like a long-running soap opera. It’s not a news story anymore. It’s what’s the new twist on the mystery? It’s like reality programming on television…It’s news, but it’s like reality programming. And I think they’re almost scripting it at this point.” (He was referring to the mother’s recent confrontation of Deepak Kalpoe; Beth Holloway Twitty apparently alerted an NBC cameraman in advance.)

Tonight on Fox News:Two-hour block on Natalee Holloway starts 9pm ET on FNC!,” shouted this afternoon. (The exclamation point makes me especially uncomfortable.)

> Hannity & Colmes: “Is the Natalee Holloway investigation on the wrong track? Find out why the missing teenager’s mother has new criticism for Aruban authorities.”

> On The Record: “After more than 70 days of investigation, where does the Natalee Holloway case stand now? Greta has inside information on what authorities plan to do next.”