Nancy Grace’s Insane Home Features a Slide, Mosaic Mexican Toilet

By Brian Flood Comment

The Daily Mail features the home life of HLN’s Nancy Grace in a profile that showcases everything from backyard zip lines to homemade turkey sausage and cheddar cheese breakfast muffins. Grace welcomed Daily Mail into her new Georgia home where she showed off her daughter’s bathroom (which features a trap door), a floor made from pirate treasure, a mosaic Mexican toilet and a bright red slide that leads to the basement. Grace’s home is extremely impressive, but she told the Mail she’s not that into material things.

She does not, she declares, care about ‘cars or fancy houses or jewelry…I drive an old beat up mini van which I love’, adding: ‘I feel very strongly that there is nothing special about me. The things that have happened to me and that I’ve lived through have given me a voice that I intend to use to the best of my ability.’