Nancy Grace: Shooting ‘Swift Justice’ In Atlanta a ‘Sticking Point’ for CBS

By Alex Weprin 

In today’s New York Post, HLN host Nancy Grace sheds some more light on the surprising announcement that she would leave her hit syndicated show “Swift Justice” after its first season.

According to Grace, CBS TV Distribution (which produces and syndicates the show) decided to finally move production from Atlanta to Los Angeles, where it could use existing studio space and production staff. Grace gave it a go, but she says it was too much for her and her young twins:

“From the very beginning it was a sticking point,” she says. “They finally agreed to shoot the show out of Atlanta, and several times [they] re-approached me about moving the show to LA. It was a huge expense for them to be in Atlanta — they had to send a whole staff and had to build a whole set in Atlanta when they already had [a set] in LA.

“When they told me that they absolutely had to move the production to LA, I was very distraught,” she says. “I love LA and I’m already looking at some other projects — some of them in LA. But with the time requirements . . . it really came down to the twins.”