Nancy Grace “Almost Single-Handedly ” Responsible For Keeping Natalee In The News?

By Brian 

A trusted TVNewser contributor, who wishes to remain anonymous, writes in about the two leading legal women of cable news:

Last week, with Jane Velez-Mitchell subbing for Nancy Grace, the very smart and straightforward (and beautiful) Aruban attorney Arlene Ellis-Schipper, an almost nightly guest on Greta Van Susteren’s show, cited Nancy Grace by name as one of the media figures who have made ‘unfounded’ and ‘very unfair’ remarks about the Aruban effort and generally complained about the “ridicule” directed at that effort.

Laughably, Velez-Mitchell rose up in indignation to defend Grace a few minutes later, saying Grace was responsible, ‘almost single-handedly,’ for keeping the story in the news and that the Holloway family is ‘absolutely thrilled’ with her.

If anyone is ‘almost single-handedly’ keeping the Holloway story in the news, it’s unquestionably Greta Van Susteren. The sky-high ratings for Van Susteren’s ‘all Natalee all the time’ programming for the last several months — routinely three times those of Grace’s — have pushed other shows on her own and other networks, including Nancy Grace, to devote far more time to the subject than they surely otherwise would, especially given the fact that actual developments in the case are so few and far between.”