Myron Kandel: A CNN “Original”

By Brian 

Myron Kandel retired from CNN yesterday. Friday’s edition of ‘Lou Dobbs Tonight’ paid tribute to the financial news icon:

 DOBBS: And finally tonight, after 25 years with this network, Myron Kandel is retiring. Myron has been with CNN from the very beginning. He and I, in point of fact, I think this is right, are the last two folks on the air from the original group. Is that right?

MYRON KANDEL, CNN FINANCIAL EDITOR: That’s right, Lou. But you went away for a while; I stayed.

DOBBS: You are diligent beyond belief. And very proud of you for being so.As you think about the past 25 years, as one of the pioneers, what are your thoughts on this day in which you wrap it up with CNN?

KANDEL: Well, we pioneered the coverage of business news on network television. We’ve seen the cycles, we saw the big crash in ’87, we saw the biggest bull market in history, we saw…

DOBBS: We like bull markets better, as I recall.

KANDEL: Right. We saw scandals in the ’80s, we’ve seen scandals in the new century, and you know what we’re dealing with? Social Security. Remember back then?

DOBBS: Right, 1983. And Alan Greenspan playing a prominent role then and perhaps not so prominent now. What is your sense of where we are today?

KANDEL: I think this country has real problems, and hopefully we’ll get out of them. We usually do.

DOBBS: You know what? I’ll make you $100 bet that we will, and we’ve got 200 years to build on. We’re just going to have to awaken to a few of them. It is great for you to be here. It’s been a great 25 years, Myron. I wish you all the very best, partner.

KANDEL: OK, Lou. Thank you.

Here’s the transcript…