Murdoch: FBN Is “Just Terrific”

By Alissa Krinsky 

It’s Day Four for FBN, and Rupert Murdoch says his new network is “just terrific”. In an interview with Reuters, Murdoch says, “Everybody, even in the industry, (recognizes) how different it is to CNBC, which is half-dead.”

Murdoch then went on to add, “No, (CNBC) makes like 300 million bucks…it’s not half-dead.”

Meantime, reviewers continue to weigh in…
Business Week‘s Ronald Grover: “The Fox Business Network ain’t your grandfather’s business channel. And that’s the point…Does Fox Business have a chance? You bet. And if I were…Jeff Zucker I’d be hustling full-time to stay ahead.”

Variety: “Fox gives us GLOB — the Gorgeous Ladies of Business, trumping CNBC’s ‘money honey’ with a veritable money hive.”