MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts Avoids 50 Cent-Like Embarrassment

By Brian Flood 

MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts is throwing more than a top Major League Baseball starting pitcher these days. MLB pitchers are typically on a five-day rotation, but the MSNBC Live host threw out the first pitch on Monday night in Baltimore and will do so again tonight in Washington.

We asked Roberts if anyone gave him advice on how to get through the event without embarrassing himself like rapper 50 Cent famously did last season.

Billy Bean, MLB ambassador for inclusion, told me to hold the seams, step through and aim for catcher’s head. I warned [Baltimore Orioles star] Manny Machado he may need to jump for it but Billy’s advice was perfect and it went right over the plate.”



When Roberts takes the mound tonight, it will be for the National’s Night Out promotion, which brings Team DC and the LGBT community to the ballpark with a portion of proceeds benefiting Team DC’s Scholarship Fund.

It remains to be seen if Roberts can groove another fastball over the plate, but it’s already clear he’s having a nice week. In addition to all the baseball action, he landed at live TV interview with Rachel Dolezal’s parents and NBC announced that he’s returning as co-host of the 2015 Miss USA Pageant.