MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt Lands First Meerkat Interview With a White House Official

By Brian Flood 

If you’re not familiar with Meerkat, it’s an app that allows anyone (with an iPhone) to live stream real-time video. It burst on the scene last week at SxSW. The app allows users to livestream video directly from their phones to their Twitter feed. Since it launched in late February, 120,000 users have signed up, including MSNBC political correspondent Kasie Hunt.

Hunt conducted the first-ever live Meerkat interview with White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest this morning. It was streamed both on Meerkat and on Stringwire, NBC’s live video streaming service. This comes days after Hunt’s groundbreaking use of the app from the White House briefing room.

This morning on “Morning Joe,” Meerkat was discussed at length. Politico’s Mike Allen mentioned how the new app will likely change campaign reporting as we know it, especially in the run-up to 2016.  In fact, Hunt asked Earnest if platforms like Meerkat are a risk for candidates. “I think it is a little bit of a risk for a candidate,” says Earnest. “It turns every single reporter into a live cameraman.” Check out Hunt’s 16-minute Meerkat interview with Earnest below: