MSNBC’s Inaugurappuccino and “Moon Landing”

By SteveK 

If you’re not interested in watching MSNBC on TV, or at the movies, you have another option as well — Starbucks.

The New York Times’ Brian Stelter writes about the Starbucks simulcasts, which “will be open to the public at locations in New York, San Francisco and Seattle,” in 650 of the company’s stores (release after the jump).

About the move, James Poniewozik, Time Magazine’s “Tuned In” columnist, writes today, “Seriously: did David Brooks think up that promotion?”


He also describes the “moon landing”-type promos MSNBC is running about the Inauguration. A sample: “When a new President inspires the nation, one day Americans will ask: where were you when Barack Obama became President?”

“As an Obama voter, I’m personally as delighted as anyone with what will be happening on stage Jan. 20,” he writes. “But I’d hope a news organization would make some effort to acknowledge that not everyone else is. Nor do they have to be.”

Click continued to see the Starbucks/Screenvision MSNBC release…

NEW YORK — January 14, 2009 — MSNBC is expanding its reach on Inauguration Day, bringing the network’s coverage of the presidential Inauguration to big screens and Starbucks locations around the country. MSNBC is partnering with Screenvision and Starbucks for the first time to present the historic inauguration of Barack Obama to the American public in a unique viewing event.

“This is fantastic opportunity for MSNBC to reach viewers we’ve never reached before, and to increase our brand awareness around an event that has tremendous excitement and enthusiasm surrounding it. We’re thrilled to be able to partner with Starbucks and Screenvision,” said Phil Griffin, MSNBC President.


MSNBC is teaming up with Screenvision to host live viewings of its inaugural coverage on the big screen. From New York to Los Angeles, Americans from all over the country will be able to view MSNBC’s inaugural coverage in their hometown movie theaters. These events will be held in 27 theaters in 21 cities across the nation, from 11 a . m . — 3 p . m . ET. Screenings are free and will take place at select theaters in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas, Boston, Washington DC, Houston, Detroit, Phoenix, Tampa, Seattle, Denver, Orlando, St. Louis, San Diego, Hartford-New Haven, West Palm, Memphis, Louisville and Providence. Registration for the event is now open at


NBC Everywhere, the growing out-of-home unit of the NBC Local Media Division, and MSNBC have teamed up with Starbucks Coffee Company to bring live inauguration coverage to television screens at 650 Starbucks locations in New York, Seattle and San Francisco. This marks the first time Starbucks has aired a live broadcast along with audio. Coverage from MSNBC’s live news feed will run from 10am-2pm ET at participating Starbucks locations.

In addition, Starbucks is launching its “I’m In!” campaign, an initiative to make it easy for Americans to participate in the President’s call for national service. In participating Starbucks stores across the nation, Americans will have an opportunity to pledge five hours or more of community service toward a local volunteer opportunity of choice. Starbucks will honor each person’s five hour pledge with a free tall brewed coffee beginning on Wednesday, January 21 through Sunday, January 25. The goal of the effort is to raise pledges in excess of one million hours of service from all over the country. The 60-second campaign spots will run on a variety of NBCU platforms, including MSNBC, NBC primetime, The TODAY Show, and NBC on Campus, a strategic partnership between NBC Everywhere and The University Network (TUN) that includes over 180 colleges and universities.