MSNBC’s Great Debate: Re-Air & Write-Ups

By SteveK 

MSNBC’s highest-rated program in history, Tuesday’s Democratic debate, will re-air tomorrow night and Saturday night from 8-10pmET and again Sunday from 4-6pmET. Some write-ups about the debate and its ratings:

• The Washington Post’s Lisa de Moraes writes that the 10pmET hour, which included the final 36 minutes of the debate and the first 24 minutes of “The Post-Debate Navel-Lint-Picking Show,” ranked as the #1 hour on all of television. The debate’s first hour, from 9-10pmET, was second only to FOX’s American Idol and Back to You.

• The New York Times’ Brian Stelter writes about NBCU CEO Jeff Zucker‘s reaction. Zucker addressed MSNBC’s ratings during a media and entertainment conference at Harvard University. “I think they have found their identity,” Zucker said. “I think politics really is their calling card.”

• The Plain Dealer‘s TV critic Mark Dawidziak takes a shot at moderators Tim Russert and Brian Williams. “[T]hey lost control of this bout from the start. The contenders quickly took advantage of the lapse, setting their own rules.”

Matea Gold writes in the LA Times’ Top of the Ticket blog that MSNBC actually beat the mothership, NBC. The network averaged 6.6 million from 9-10:30 as it aired The Biggest Loser and Quarterlife.