MSNBC Recruits Colleges For “On Campus”

By Brian 

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Have you heard about MSNBC On Campus? “Working with leading colleges and universities across the country, MSNBC will air live and taped student reports from student reporters,” the cable net said yesterday. “These reports will feature big local news stories and breaking news, as well as student reactions to national news stories that affect their area.”

The stories will air from 9am to 3pm. Ball State U. was the first school to announce its participation in the program. MSNBC is inviting other universities, as well. Click continued to read the net’s e-mail to the University of Missouri…

  We would like to welcome the University of Missouri to join us in what we hope will become the MSNBC University Partners program. This will be an informal partnership between MSNBC and the University of Missouri, along with other universities, where your brightest students will be able to deliver their stories on MSNBC to our viewers. We believe this program will be a great opportunity for students and will also benefit our viewers. We would like to showcase the student reporter’s talent, their ability to dig up the biggest stories and deliver accurate information.

We’re looking for stories the students at Mizzou are covering, on campus and in the community – the biggest stories, feature segments and entertaining video. Anything goes! We are interested to see the variety of stories the students are working on for KOMU as well and plan on selecting stories we would like to talk more extensively about on MSNBC.

We hope to launch this venture in the very near future. The segments will occur during our daytime coverage between 9am – 3pm EST. We will primarily use b-roll and sound bites to set up the story, then go to a live crosstalk with a student reporter. The segments will be about 2 to 4 minutes long and the number of segments depends on the content provided.

If the University of Missouri is interested, we would like to know what stories your students are planning to cover and what they are working on. We can arrange a video feed once stories are selected and closer to the time of the interview. We can receive video by email, in MP2 or MP4 format, or arrange for a satellite feed. MSNBC will cover the cost of satellite time if necessary. Our SatOps can bring in almost any signal and if the uplink can hit AMC 6/SBS 6, we can easily take it on our leased space. If it’s an analog uplink, we may have to lease space – but in most cases, we would still be able to take in the signal.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions by phone or email…