MSNBC: New York State Of Mind

By Chris Ariens 

A look inside the combined NBC Nightly News/MSNBC Dayside newsroom (photo taken Oct. 11).

The new commute begins in a few hours for MSNBC employees (except for you overnighters who are already logged in). At 6amET Joe Scarborough christens the gleaming new NBC News world headquarters on his program, Morning Joe.

For MSNBC employees, some of whom have commuted to the Secaucus, NJ facility for the last 11+ years, it will mean leaving the North Jersey lowlands for the high-life on the 3rd, 4th, & 5th floors of 30 Rock. For the last several weeks, MSNBC producers have been working 12+ hour days, and 6-day work weeks. They would produce live shows in Secaucus then head to 30 Rock for rehearsals.


In the combined newsroom, MSNBC producers will be working right alongside their Nightly News counterparts. Each workspace has two monitors: one for producing, writing and desktop editing; the other for monitoring multiple channels (their own and the competition).

MSNBC will broadcast live from their studio from 6am until 5pm, at which point Washington, DC shows Hardball and Tucker take over. (There is also a DC-based dayside hour anchored by Norah O’Donnell.)

At 6:30pmET, and about 100 feet away, Brian Williams will unveil his new digs for NBC Nightly News. (But keep an eye on the Daily Nightly, Williams might just give viewers a sneak peek). At 8pmET Countdown with Keith Olbermann comes from studio 1A-UP (where the fourth hour of Today originates) and Live with Dan Abrams at 9pmET is back in the MSNBC studio.

While most MSNBCers begin the 30 Rock era tomorrow, some remnants remain. The documentary team as well as NBC Weather Plus will be moving out of Secaucus in the coming weeks. Insiders tell TVNewser NBC Weather Plus will be based in Englewood Cliffs, NJ, headquarters of CNBC and other NBCU entities.

So, inquiring minds will want to know: How’s the first day? Any lost remotes? Can’t find the bathroom? How crowded is the commissary? You know the email…