MSNBC Needs A Promotion

By Brian 

MSNBC has begun to more aggressively promote its primetime lineup. Yesterday I noticed an ad for their “powerful primetime: Matthews, Olbermann, Scarborough.” Keith Olbermann’s Jose Canseco interview was promoted on NBC affiliates. But it isn’t enough.

“Why doesn’t MSNBC promote its strong primetime lineup [the way FNC and CNN do]?,” an analyst wondered today. Rick Kaplan’s been in charge for a year, and MS’s ties to NBC have improved, but the cable network desperately needs more promotion. “They have to start promoting themselves better,” the analyst said…

> Update: 7:35pm: From an e-mailer: “Chris Matthews is always great when he appears on Leno. Olbermann was SURREAL when he was on Leno, and one of the funniest guests I’ve seen in a long time! Somebody needs to send Scarborough off to Letterman and get Olbermann back to Leno. Great way to introduce hosts as ‘real people’ and to an audience that isn’t lumped in with the typical MSNBC/NBC News viewer.”

> Update: 7:45pm: “The MSNBC advertising budget is decided at 30 Rockefeller Center,” another e-mailer says. “That should tell you everything you need to know.”