MSNBC Moves Shuttle Set: “Maybe The Heat Was Too Much For Them?”

By Brian 

In an e-mail on GretaWire, Thom Bird, FNC’s executive producer for specials and events, describes the scene at the Kennedy Space Center:

“Our set is back in place with the huge yellow air conditioning ducts pumping cold air to the top of out three-story structure. Unlike last time, we actually can feel a slight breeze coming off the swamp. Looks like we lost a neighbor: MSNBC abandoned their set, which was built next to our trailers. Maybe the heat was too much for them? I hear they moved into the NBC building, one of a few permanent structures built here at KSC by the networks. CBS has one, ABC lost theirs in a storm… they’re in trailers too. We’re curious how our missing neighbors could move in with their mother ship network folks… seems like it might be a bit too cramped… unless, of course, the mother ship bailed.”

> Update: 3:09pm: “Maybe Fox News should be more concerned about their lousy guest bookings than where we parked our truck,” an MSNBC staffer responds via e-mail…