MSNBC Launches “The Most”

By Brian 

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MSNBC launched “The Most” with Alison Stewart at 3 p.m. today. “Fast-paced and spirited, the new one hour show will give viewers a look at ‘the most’ sought-after stories of the day,” the channel said in a press release. MSNBC prez Rick Kaplan calls it a “truly ground breaking show and yet so simple in its concept.”

Stewart is thrilled about the show. At Saturday’s WHCA dinner, she called it a “people’s version of Countdown.” She said she pitched the show to execs around Thanksgiving, and immediately garnered support for it. She has signed up for Google and Yahoo alerts for the word “most,” and she’s already been fascinated by some of the potential topics.

“People are telling us what they want to learn about, we just have to listen,” she says…