MSNBC Launches New Ads With ‘This Is Who We Are’ Tagline

By A.J. Katz 

MSNBC launched a couple of new promos featuring Chuck Todd and Chris Matthews this past week which are part of a fully integrated multi-platform campaign.

This is a new layer of the network’s “This is who we are” campaign, adding a talent-focused theme in which viewers encounter MSNBC talent in various locations and situations which on the surface might seem to have nothing to do with politics, but in actuality, they do.

Case in point: Chuck Todd is on the hardwood, comparing basketball with politics.


Chris Matthews talks about fighting between Democrats and Republicans while in a boxing gym:

MSNBC is coming off of a big month, which included a win over CNN in total prime time audience. The Rachel Maddow Show had its best month ever, and Morning Joe beat New Day in total viewers for the 24th consecutive month. The network also posted double digit year-over-year growth in key viewer measurements.