MSNBC Increases Ad Rates 43 Percent

By Chris Ariens 

Along with its record ratings, MSNBC has been able to boost its advertising rates a whopping 43 percent year-over year, Adweek reports.

The data, from the monthly Standard Media Index (SMI), shows cable news channels have been the pace setters in increased ad spend among all TV networks. Adweek’s Jason Lynch reports:

Donald Trump’s presidency continues to drive major ad rate bumps for the cable news networks, as MSNBC was up 43 percent year over year, Fox News jumped 14 percent and CNN increased 12 percent. In its first full month in Bill O’Reilly’s old time slot, Tucker Carlson Tonight had an average unit cost of $14,100. That’s 21 percent ahead of the $11,600 that The O’Reilly Factor averaged one year earlier.

MSNBC’s surging Rachel Maddow Show rode its ratings streak to a 69 percent year over year increase, up to $4,500 per 30-second spot, from $2,600 a year ago.

“The national TV market is being kept in the black by cable news and lifestyle programming,” said SMI CEO James Fennessy in a statement.

SMI found that broadcast entertainment prime time spend was down 4 percent among the big four broadcasters. CBS was off 1 percent, NBC was down 4 percent and ABC fell 6 percent.