MS/NBC: Flashbacks

By Brian 

> June 29: A “source with inside knowledge” says “the TV joint venture is likely to end in the next three to six months, but the complicated 99-year deal between Microsoft and NBC is quite expensive to break up.”

> May 1: Drudge says the channel will be renamed the NBC News Channel…

> Mar. 7: “As for NBC, it would prefer to run MSNBC — likely under a new name — on its own, without having to deal with a partner whose interest in the channel clearly has faded,” the WSJ says…

> Mar. 4: GM Charlie Tillinghast says “we are strategic to both NBC and Microsoft, and both parents want to do everything they can to support us.”

> Mar. 3: “Microsoft and NBC Universal are in advanced discussions about a deal that could result in NBC taking full control of the cable news network MSNBC,” the NY Post says.

> Aug. 27, 2004: The WSJ says NBC and Microsoft execs are refutting the rumors that their MSNBC partnership is “on the rocks.” The rumors hurt morale at MSNBC…

> Aug. 12, 2004: “Microsoft is said to be fuming over ‘the huge license fee’ it must pay to G.E.-owned NBC Universal, an insider said. NBC, in turn, is said to want to drop the letters MS from the net’s name.”

> Aug. 1, 2004: Dropping Microsoft from MSNBC makes “strategic sense…”