MSNBC Confuses Its Famous Housekeepers While Reporting Ann B. Davis’ Death

By Jordan Chariton Comment

While remembering “The Brady Bunch” actress Ann B. Davis this morning, who died Sunday at 88, “Jansing and Co.” momentarily confused its famous housekeepers.

When first reporting on the death of Davis, who played lovable housekeeper Alice Nelson on the TV classic, MSNBC showed a photo of Henriette Mantel (pictured on the left), who played Nelson in the 1995 “The Brady Bunch Movie.”

Brady Bunch Ann Davis

“And there’s the Ann B. Davis we know and love,” Chris Jansing said upon returning from commercial break, airing the correct photo (pictured on the right). “Our apologies, because we showed a picture of the woman who played Alice in ‘The Brady Bunch Movie.”

This is the second time in two months the network has initially aired an incorrect obituary photo. In March, while reporting on the death of former Texas legislator Ray Hutchison, “Ronan Farrow Daily” initially aired a photo of former Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood. The show quickly corrected the mistake, airing the correct photo soon after.