Moving On

By Chris Ariens 

After 11 years and 14,668 posts, I’m moving on. About 6 months ago I took on the added role as Adweek’s director of video, while also overseeing Adweek’s TV/Media coverage and writing and editing TVNewser. As we grow our original video team, which services Adweek editorial, branded content, marketing and events, it became clear I’d have to ease up on some things.

I’m sure you’ll see my byline pop up once in a while on TVNewser, but the site is now in the very capable hands of A.J. Katz.

Thanks for the all the tips, the news, the engagement, and the comments (yes, even the comments) over the years. The TVNewser community is built for thousands of passionate TV news executives, anchors, reporters, producers, directors, desk editors, video editors, story editors, bookers, planners, graphic designers, production assistants, tech ops, camera crews, audio ops, photojournalists, and, of course, TV news junkies. Our goal has always been—and will continue to be—to bring you the news about TV news: the triumphs and the failures, the courageous and the spineless, and everything in between.

Thanks to your loyalty, TVNewser will celebrate its 15th anniversary in January. So here’s to another 15, and many more.