Moulitsas: Dems Shouldn’t Attend Debate Hosted By GOP’s “Propaganda Arm”

By Brian 

In declining the FNC-sponsored debate in Nevada, John Edwards “was, in fact, responding to a gauntlet thrown by blogger Markos Moulitsas, founder of liberal website the Daily Kos, who asked the Democratic candidate pool ‘not to do a Fox News debate,'” notes.

Here’s Moulitsas’ explanation why: “Rank and file Democrats have spent the past decade fighting Fox News’ lies and distortions, with increasing success. The network is the Republican Party’s premiere propaganda arm, and already we’ve seen it, this presidential cycle, fuel smears against Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama while providing Ann Coulter with sanctuary after her hateful remarks against John Edwards.

Fox News doesn’t deserve any validation as a ‘serious’ news outlet because it’s not an unbiased network. Any Democrat that goes on the network validates every single smear it launches against Democrats.”