Morning Shows Jockey over Panhandler with the Golden Voice

By Chris Ariens 

Another viral video has made it to the mainstream media.

TVSpy has the video of Ted Williams, a down-on-his luck man from Columbus, OH who has been using his God-given gift — his voice — to earn money on the side of the road. Not long after the video hit the internet, TV networks began making calls trying to reel in an exclusive interview with him.

Crews from both CBS’ “The Early Show” and NBC’s “Today” show were waiting to interview Williams at radio station WNCI in Columbus, where Williams also did an interview this morning. TVNewser has learned negotiations between producers and Williams’ representative went into the night and in the end “The Early Show” got the first interview.


But that doesn’t mean NBC News has given up…

NBC is going one better and is going to fly Williams, who grew up in Brooklyn, to New York where he’ll appear on “Today” tomorrow.

We’ve also learned CBS News correspondent Seth Doane is in Columbus today where he is interviewing Williams for a story tonight on “The CBS Evening News.”

Here’s the “Early Show” interview: