Morning Show Softball: GMA Comes From Behind To Beat Today 5-4

By Brian 

Once a summer, staffers of ‘Today’ and ‘Good Morning America’ meet at the Heckscher Ballfields in Central Park for an annual softball game. Last year, ‘Today’ won, and they were on track to beat GMA again, until the seventh inning.

“GMA was down by 1 until the seventh inning when the team rallied to score two runs and win by 5-4,” a tipster says. “The team was cheered on by its fans and GMA staffers in the bleachers complete with banners and pom-poms.”

Katie Couric played a couple of innings on the NBC side, and EP Jim Bell played first base. GMA’s new feature correspondent Mike Barz made his debut and Robin Roberts and Ben Sherwood were cheering from the stands. Vacationing Diane Sawyer even stopped by with hot dogs and sodas. According to the tipster, David Hasselhoff and his wife were in the park, so they stopped by to watch the morning show action.

The ‘Today’ team wasn’t stung by the loss, though: It was a great game. (And they’re celebrating week 501 in first place.) “They should really enjoy the win because they don’t win where it counts,” an NBC insider chuckled. (Don’t forget: It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game!)