Morning Show Ratings: 2007-2008 Season

By Chris Ariens 

No surprise if you’ve been reading our weekly Morning Show Ratings posts. NBC’s Today show comes out on top for the 2007-08 season. Today beat second-place Good Morning America by 23% (1.03 million) Total Viewers and by 31% in A25-54 viewers.

After the jump, the memo sent to the Today staff from EP Jim Bell…

—– Original Message —–
From: Bell, Jim (NBC Universal)
To: @NBC News Today
Cc: Capus, Steve (NBC Universal)
Sent: Fri Sep 26 16:09:21 2008
Subject: You

Are a big part of some great news: the 2007-08 Season numbers came out yesterday: TODAY is on top for the 14th consecutive season & we had our best total viewer advantage over GMA in 4 years, winning by over 1,000,000 viewers.

This is a huge success & represents a lot of hard work by the best team in television: the best talent, the best production staff and the best crew. Everyone should feel very proud to have contributed to this. It should not be lost on anyone that TODAY has somehow managed to chug along at the head of the pack amidst so many staggering changes across the media landscape. Think about how much has happened since December 4, 1995! MSNBC & Fox News didn’t exist. Google was 3 years away; iPods were 6 years away.

And while TODAY continues to be an unparalleled success on television, our brand is also thriving in the ever-expanding digital world. has reached 100 million page views in 6 of 8 months this year and in August had its best month ever with 133 million page views. We are also showing tremendous growth in video streams and visits.

I think it’s especially important to note how strong our performance has been of late has been with 2 of the most important stories of our time happening before our eyes: the 2008 election and the economic meltdown. We need to be our on game now more than ever and be all over these stories and anything else that comes our way.

Thanks to all and please take a moment to feel proud about this great achievement.