Morning Show Booking Wars: Here We Go Again. UPDATE

By Chris Ariens 

A network insider tells TVNewser supermodel Petra Nemcova was scheduled to drop by The Early Show this morning with a $100,000 check for relief efforts in fire-ravaged California, but her representative, Ken Sunshine, pulled the plug on the segment at the last minute.

The insider says Sunshine “panicked after someone across town at GMA claimed this would interfere with [Nemcova’s] appearance there next month to promote her new book.”

Nemcova was prepared to donate the check on behalf of The Rampage Relief Fund, with whom she has been working for the last two years.

So who loses out in this booking battle?

>Update: A source close to Petra Nemcova tells TVNewser the supermodel was never booked on The Early Show. Nemcova “has a job today” so there was “never a possibility that she would be on,” the source says. As for being booked on GMA next month, the source knows of no booking. “The first time GMA heard about this was reading” TVNewser. It appears the Rampage Relief Fund may have promised CBS something they could not deliver. Either way the fund still gets the $100,000, which is really the bottom line to all of this.

>Update, Update: A CBS News insider tells TVNewser that an email confirms Nemcova was booked for The Early Show and that her schedule was clear until 9amET.