Morning Show Bookers Set Their Sights on Jaycee Dugard

By Alex Weprin 

The next big morning show “get” is on the horizon. Jaycee Dugard, the woman who was kidnapped as a child and held for 18 years, has a memoir coming out this Summer that details her experiences.

As the AP reports, Dugard has not yet committed to doing interviews, but that will not stop bookers from pursuing her.

“What’s conveyed on television is her emotion, the look on her face,” Seltzer said of a possible network TV interview. “With great and true respect to the printed word, it’s not the same.”

Seltzer declined to reveal which networks were making pitches. She is asking the journalists to provide details on what they would ask Dugard.

In March 2010 the Dugard family licensed home movies of Jaycee to ABC News, which was used on “Good Morning America,” “20/20” and “Nightline.” This time around there is a book to promote, but it is reasonable to speculate that any morning show interview would likely include some new photos or videos licensed by the news organization.