Morning Joe’s ‘Growing Influence?’

By kevin 

The AP’s David Bauder writes today about the alleged “growing influence” of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” using last week’s McChrystal coverage as anecdotal evidence of the show’s success in Washington/media influence though not necessarily in viewer ratings:

While it’s simplistic to think MSNBC’s morning show influenced [Obama’s firing of McChrystal], it’s no stretch that “Morning Joe” helped put McChrystal’s words at the top of the national agenda. “Morning Joe” may not have a lot of viewers, but the show tends to be on in important places. Mike Allen, chief White House correspondent of Politico and a regular on the show, said that a senior Obama administration official told him, “I saw the funnel cloud forming on ‘Morning Joe.'”

On the ratings front:


From Mon-Thurs of last week — we won’t have Friday’s numbers until later this afternoon — “Morning Joe” averaged 464,000 total viewers, which was the second-most in cable news, but still a far cry from FNC’s “Fox & Friends,” which averaged 964,000. In the demo, “Morning Joe” drew 130,000, the smallest A25-54 audience in cable news.

For the month of May, the program averaged 406,000 total viewers and 119,000 in the demo, with the same rank in both categories.