New Day and Morning Joe Respond to Trump’s Twitter Attack: ‘Please Turn to Fox & Friends, and Keep it There. It’ll Be Better for You, It’ll Be Better for Your Staff’

By A.J. Katz 

President Trump appeared on the FBN show Mornings With Maria with host Maria Bartiromo this morning.

But before that appearance, the president was back to attacking the morning shows that are most likely to criticize him: CNN New Day and MSNBC’s Morning Joe.

New Day co-host John Berman responded to the president with a tweet of his own, implying that the president should be focusing his attention on the Covid-19 crisis, and less on what an “unknown” cable news host is saying about him.

As expected, Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski were more aggressive in their response to the president, something TV news watchers have become accustomed to seeing whenever Trump has attacked them on Twitter over the years:

From Scarborough:

“We gave you a lot of good advice back in March, you didn’t follow any of it, you didn’t listen to your doctors, you didn’t listen to your scientists, you didn’t lay this out for people, and, of course, six months later, yes, you’re losing in the polls.

You should have listened, but Donald, please turn to Fox & Friends, and keep it there. It’ll be better for you. It’ll be better for your staff. They don’t like you watching our show. and they’re like, ‘why are you drawing more attention to them, Donald?’”

Then, Brzezinski asked Trump: “What’s your thing with women?,” before launching into a lengthy on-air response of her own:

What’s your thing with women? You have a lot of problems with women, like you’re scared of them or something. I think the Kamala [Harris] thing has you freaked out, but I’ve noticed it’s all over the place. You get really like stressed out by women. You have to say things that are sort of triggering about women that are like back from the 1950s. You’re calling us ‘housewives’ when you talk about voters. Every time Kaitlan Collins from CNN or Paula Reid from CBS, every time they ask you a question, you scurry off the stage. You get scared like a little baby.

She added:

I just wonder what ditzy means? Because if I’m ditzy, you’re disastrous. This has been a disaster. 167,000 people are dead, Donald Trump. Stop tweeting about Morning Joe and Morning Mika and do your damn job. Try once to think about getting some testing to the American people. Try once to listen to your scientists. Try once to be a man that actually wants to lead this country and not a man who’s scared of women and likes to call them names and scurries off the stage if they ask a question. Pathetic. You really should stop watching and get over your problem with women.