Morning Consult Names Fox News One of Its ‘Buzziest Brands of 2017’

By A.J. Katz 

Love it or hate it, Fox News is a force in American culture. It’s no surprise then that the news network was named by Morning Consult as one of its “buzziest brands of 2017.”

Fox News earned a fourth place tie with Walmart in overall buzz, only behind the NFL (No. 1), Amazon (No. 2), Facebook (No.3), and ahead of top brands, including McDonalds, Netflix, United Airlines and Google.

59% percent of respondents noted buzz around the Fox News brand, in one way or the other. 30% of the “buzz” for FNC was positive, while 29% said buzz was negative.

CNN also earned a spot in the top 20 “buzziest brands” survey, with 51% percent of respondents saying there was buzz behind the brand this year. 25% said buzz was positive, while 26% said buzz was negative.

Despite garnering the most buzz this year (64%), only 28% of respondents said buzz behind the NFL brand was positive. 36% said negative.

Amazon, which finished No. 2 in the survey, garnered the most positive buzz, 55% positive versus 6% negative.

So how exactly did Morning Consult perform this “buzz” survey? It communicated with 1 million Americans this year to determine which brands garnered the most attention this year, good or bad.

2017 produced a number of memorable brand controversies. But not all scandals are equal—in terms of scope, media coverage and especially, consumer reaction. Morning Consult asked almost 1 million U.S. adults whether the news they saw, read or heard about one of the over 900 brands Morning Consult Brand Intelligence tracks was positive or negative. For United Airlines and the NFL, it was negative headlines that propelled them to the buzziest brands of the year – while Amazon and Google entered the rankings through largely positive attention.