More From Ailes At TCA

By Brian 

At his TCA press tour appearance yesterday, Roger Ailes “noted that Fox News Channel hadn’t lost to CNN ‘in almost 60 months now.’ He added that Fox News had kept a stable primetime lineup while ‘our competition has canceled 54 shows’ in the interim,” Variety reports.

“Ailes couldn’t resist tweaking CNN, noting that CNN/U.S. prexy Jonathan Klein told the TCA critics two weeks ago that the cabler had met its three main goals. ‘We’re very happy about that,’ Ailes quipped” (via ICN). Related:

> B&C: “We are beefing up our foreign coverage, not cutting it back,” Ailes says…

> TV Week: “For now, the Fox-owned MyNetwork TV stations will not have a Fox News component as part of their schedules.” Does that mean “On Scene” isn’t happening?…