Moran: “We Are A Damn Good Program & We Are Going To Get Better”

By Brian 

This week’s Broadcasting & Cable has a Q&A with Nightline co-anchor Terry Moran, fresh from Afghanistan. Here’s an excerpt:

  The new Nightline is exceeding ratings expectations. How is it working in the three anchor format?

…Are we exceeding expectations? I guess we are because they were low. I’m happy with what we’re doing, but we can be a much better program. We can do a lot more.

What would you do more of?

We can do more of this [travel to Afghanistan]. I would like send Nightline to China, which I think we should do. But I understand [I] have to have the audience there that is going to watch. That will get the network to back you and then you’ll get the resources to do it right.

We also need to make news more, either with big gets or investigations. We need to make Nightline a place where things happen for the first time and people take notice. But that will require an effort and resources.

There is a virtuous circle — at least one hopes — that as you do good work, numbers go up and that gives you opportunity to do better work. But we are a damn good program and we are going to get better. We ought to be able to earn our place in American homes.