Moran Talks Aggressive White House Reporting, Air Force One Tweeting on the “Menu”

By SteveK 

ABC’s Terry Moran joined us this morning on the Morning Media Menu podcast to talk about covering Obama, Twitter and more.

The Nightline anchor described the decision to tweet from aboard Air Force One last week. “It was a great opportunity to take people on board Air Force One…just something that was immediate and that was two way,” he said. “When I Twittered the breakfast menu someone got back to me and said okay, ‘What’s the music on board?'”

Moran interviewed President Obama several times in the lead up to the election, and talked to him last week as well. “In some ways Barack Obama is the first president since George Washington to be taking a step down into the oval office. From visionary leader of a giant movement, now he’s got an executive position that he has to perform in, in a way, and I think the coverage reflects that,” he said.

Before Nightline, Moran spent six years as chief White House correspondent for ABC. “There’s something in the White House press corp, which is healthy, where you’re judged by your peers to some extend on how tough you can be, how sharp your questions are, how aggressive your coverage is,” he said. That’s the standard for success among White House reporters…For many White House reporters, they wake up thinking, ‘How do I take a pound of flesh out of the President today?'”

Also discussed: Moran’s reaction to the New York Post’s semi-apology, the reason so many former journalists are joining the Obama administration and Nightline’s Web plans for Tuesday’s Obama address.

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