“Moost Unusual” Images in CNN Story

By SteveK 

CNN’s Jeanne Moos is not known for controversy-inducing stories. Her humor pieces have recently touched on the subject of the overuse of the word “change” and what goes on behind candidates’ backs.

Last night’s piece on the candidates’ penchant for pointing was in the same vein. But some images from the piece caused one TVNewser tipster to email, “What in the world were they thinking?”

At the end of the package, Moos jokingly speculates who each candidate could be pointing to in the audience. For Sen. Hillary Clinton, it’s an image of Monica Lewinsky. For Sen. Barack Obama, it’s Osama bin Laden. For Sen. John McCain, it’s Ann Coulter.


Moos explained her reasoning behind the images to TVNewser. “The whole idea was nemeses. I sat there and thought, ‘who would be the least likely to be in Hillary’s audience, who would be the least likely to be in Obama’s audience,'” she said. “Osama seemed to be the perfect nemesis especially because of the whole Obama/Osama name confusion, which I’ve mocked in the past.”

The Osama-Obama confusion relates to the media’s slip ups, the McCain/Coulter bit goes back to this H&C appearance, and the Clinton/Lewinsky pairing…well, that one speaks for itself.

Moos wanted to set the record straight: “Give me a break. This is the stuff that goes around the internet and it’s just ridiculous if you don’t fight back. People have to figure out when a joke is a joke. For people to think that Osama is sitting in Obama’s audience is a joke.”

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