Monitoring Outside the Universe

By Chris Ariens 

Last month, NBU CEO Jeff Zucker was asked about CNBC competitor FBN. “Really, at this point,” Zucker said, “Fox Business Network is not in any way a threat to CNBC. It’s not even, frankly, in the same universe with us.”

Perhaps. But then why has the network commissioned a survey which includes Fox Business Network?

ICN has the screen grabs of the survey which is in the name of something called News: VIPs. It is being conducted by Feldman Research Lab on behalf of “the Sponsor, NBC Universal, Inc.”

ICN notes: “the one survey question that caught my eye…asks the surveyee how long they watch a given network starting at 7pm. MSNBC, CNN, FNC, and FBN are the channels listed. But, interestingly, CNBC is not.”