Moammar Gadhafi Killed, Injured or Captured: Broadcast and Cable Nets Scramble to Confirm and Cover

By Alex Weprin 

Update: CBS News has a great exclusive: video of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton learning of Gadhafi’s alleged death via her Blackberry:

Update: A Libyan transitional government minister has confirmed Gadhafi’s death, and all of the U.S. networks are now reporting the news as such.

Update: Al Jazeera English now has exclusive pictures and video of Gadhafi’s body, and has confirmed his death. Graphic image here.

Original story: This morning reports out of Libya say that Moammar Gadhafi has been either wounded, captured and/or killed. So far neither the U.S. State Department nor the Libyan transition government have confirmed the news.

The uncertainty regarding the claims led to some wariness and delays from the broadcast and cable news outlets.

CBS News was the first to report the claims on broadcast, with Erica Hill delivering a special report for the network at 7:30 AM. The story was updated at 8 and 8:30 AM, with Hill delivering another special reporting with news of his death at 8:45. CBS is producing new installments of the program for all time zones.

Both ABC’s “Good Morning America” and NBC’s “Today” reported the Gadhafi news at 8 AM, though both made a point of noting that it was unconfirmed. They went on to continue with their standard programs, occasionally giving brief updates as they came in, culminating in special reports at 8:40.

On cable:

CNN was the first to report the news at 7:26, citing CNN International. CNN would throw to CNNI’s coverage from there. Fox News reported the reports at 7:33, and MSNBC broke into programming at 7:40.

Beginning in the 9 AM hour, all of the cable news channels have gone into rolling coverage of Gadhaffi, citing “reports” that he has been killed.