MLB Star Could Be Canada’s Biggest Fan of Forensic Files Reruns On HLN

By Brian Flood Comment

Adweek, which is TVNewser’s parent company, unveiled its Sports Issue this week. In addition to an in-depth look at Daily Fantasy Sports by yours truly, we also discovered a huge fan of HLN’s Forensic Files. Jose Bautista is one of the best players in Major League Baseball. The slugger Known as “Joey Bats” was named to his sixth All-Star Game yesterday and has 263 home runs over his 12-year career. Emma Bazilian caught up with Bautista about his favorite apps, cereals and TV shows:

What TV shows do you watch?
Recently, I’ve watched a lot of Suits and House. For some reason, I also got into Forensic Files. It’s an old show that’s been in reruns recently on the HLN channel in Canada. It’s one of those things that’s always on between midnight and three o’clock in the morning, which is the time when I’m trying to relax after I get back from the stadium. It just caught my attention one day, and now I’ve watched about 50 episodes in the past few months. I need to find a new show and everyone keeps recommending Game of Thrones. When I tell people that I’ve never watched an episode, they look at me like I’m crazy. [Laughs]

Hey, Joey Bats, just an FYI… HLN doesn’t only show reruns of Forensic Files in Canada. You can enjoy the true crime program when playing road games in America, too.