Mitt Romney Ignored Adviser’s Plea To Win ‘Media Wars,’ Select Chris Christie As VP

By Jordan Chariton 

On “Morning Joe” today, “Double Down: Game Change 2012” co-authors Mark Halperin and John Heilemann reported an interesting nugget about the 2012 Vice Presidential vetting process: after one of his top adviser’s pleaded with him to choose New Jersey Governor Chris Christie as his vice presidential running mate—in order to recapture the media wars—Mitt Romney declined, citing “too many red flags.”

According to Halperin, Romney campaign senior adviser, Stuart Stevens, urged the Republican presidential nominee to select Christie as his No. 2, depicting the Romney campaign as being in the midst of a presidential “street fight” where they were “losing the media wars everyday in the news to Barack Obama,” and viewing Christie as the savior “street fighter” who could help them win the media battle.

Even with this impassioned plea, Romney declined, concerned with information Christie wouldn’t provide the Romney team during the vetting process, which included lobbying connections Christie had to disgraced financier Bernie Madoff before he was Governor, and a civil settlement Christie’s brothers had with the SEC.


These insider details come as New Jersey residents head to the polls tomorrow, voting on whether to re-elect Governor Christie or elect Democratic challenger Barbara Buono.

WATCH BELOW (scroll to 4:13 mark for part about Romney ignoring adviser’s plea)