Minnesota Governor Tim Walz Issues Public Apology to CNN: ‘I Take Full Responsibility’

By A.J. Katz 

During a press conference today, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz issued a public apology to CNN for the arrest of correspondent Omar Jimenez, producer Bill Kirkos and photojournalist Leonel Mendez early this morning.

Gov. Walz was heartfelt in his apology, calling what transpired “inexcusable” and “unacceptable,” adding that he spoke with CNN president Jeff Zucker not long after arrest happened. “I take full responsibility,” said Gov. Walz. “There is absolutely no reason something like this should happen.”

The governor continued:


“Calls were made immediately. This is a very public apology to that team, and it should not happen. I want to be very clear to those listening: I think our Minnesota reporters know this—I am a teacher by trade and I have spent my time as governor highlighting the need to be as transparent as possible and to have the press here. I failed you last night in that. It does not escape me that we are here on the catalyst that lit this spark by what happened with a police detainment of George Floyd and the idea that a reporter would have been taken while another police action was in play was inexcusable.”


Update: CNN responds.