Miners Alive: Rita Cosby Live In WV

By Brian 

MSNBC was third with the breaking news, even though The Situation with Tucker Carlson was live at 11pm. The cable net seemed caught off-guard; it relied on a dull live shot of the mine entrance and tape from earlier in the day.

At midnight, Rita Cosby hosted Live & Direct from WV. She was joined by Ron Allen on-set and Bob Hager on the phone. She interviewed several family members via phone. Tom Costello was on the phone from the church around 12:25am.

> Update: 1:23am: I’m pretty sick of seeing this stagnant image of a mine on MSNBC. An e-mailer says “MSNBC’s coverage seems the most lacking video of the cable news networks. Just now they went to generic file footage of miners and mine shafts.”

> MSNBC made a good move at 2am: Bill Fitzgerald started anchoring from MSNBC HQ and Rita Cosby was treated as reporter.