Mike Wallace As A Homeless Man

By Brian 

Mike Wallace announced his retirement last spring, saying he might reappear from time to time. And he did Monday night,” the CBS News C-Note says.

“At the 60 Minutes holiday bash, he stole the show in a send-off tape for the broadcast’s retiring senior producer, Mike Whitney. The 88-year-old Wallace played an unidentified homeless man pounding the pavement to the Depression dirge, ‘Brother Can You Spare a Dime.’ The camera then reveals it is Wallace, who sits in a garbage-strewn alley and warns Whitney: ‘They said they’d never forget me and that they’d love me forever. Oh yeah? …Horse$#@^! Take a look at what they really said at the end.’ Ray’s Charles’ Raelettes are then heard singing ‘Hit the road, Jack! Don’t you come back no more… ‘”

But the newsletter notes: “Wallace has come back twice since ‘retiring,’ conducting news-making interviews with the president of Iran and author Bob Woodward…”