Mika Brzezinski to Chris Cuomo: ‘You Have Offended Me as a Competitor And as a Woman And as a Victim of a Violent Sexual Assault’

By A.J. Katz 

There appeared to be some conflict for a couple hours this morning between two high profile cable news personalities.

It stemmed back to a story from the site Mediaite, which had the headline: “Mika Brzezinski Challenges Kellyanne Conway to Reveal Details of ‘Very Convenient’ Sexual Assault Story.” (The headline was later changed).

The story published a little after 8 a.m. ET, with a number of notable personalities tweeting their initial thoughts about the story not long after.

Mika and Joe Scarborough addressed the story on Morning Joe just after 8:30 a.m. ET.

More TV newsers tweeted their thoughts about the story after the broadcast was over, and Brzezinski felt the need to defend herself against them.

She did not hold back, with especially pointed responses to a retweet from Chris Cuomo‘s account (see below).

Both Cuomo and Brzezinski later took down their tweets, and explained their thinking not long after we reached out to their respective representatives.


Below are Brzezinski’s original tweets, starting with the most recent (before she and Cuomo got back on good terms) and moving back in time to her original response to Greta Van Susteren‘s tweet, which went out in between the time of story publication and Morning’s Joe’s on-air response.

Brzezinski did give kudos to a different outlet for their headline.

Before that, she responded strongly to CNN host S.E. Cupp:

And as mentioned, here’s the back and forth between Brzezinski and Van Susteren: