Mika Brzezinski, Corey Lewandowski Spotted on Trump Tower #ElevatorCam

By Chris Ariens 

After taking a break over the Thanksgiving Holiday, the Trump Tower #ElevatorCam is back up and running as C-SPAN provides live video–and if you listen closely enough, audio–of the goings on at Trump Tower as Pres.-elect Trump continues to meet with potential administration picks and other assorted visitors.

This morning that included MSNBC Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski and former CNN political analyst (and former Trump campaign manager) Corey Lewandowski. C-SPAN’s Howard Mortman captured these screengrabs this morning.

One of the topics that likely came up in Mika’s meeting was some of the reporting on Monday’s Morning Joe. Joe Scarborough said that Pres.-elect Trump was “furious” about Kellyanne Conway’s Sunday show interviews in which she said Mitt Romney was “nothing but awful” to Trump during the campaign. Conway took to Twitter last night to refute any such discord.